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Appaloosa horses

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Appaloosa horses were originated after the selection that the  Nez Perce indian tribe made from  the european races that arrived into America during the colonisation period.

Appaloosa horses show several features that make them very special: they’re docile, difficult to be frightened ,  but strong and resistant at the same time.  Their colorful spotted coat patterns recall the northamerican landscapes  and the old indian tradicions .  Nowadays, riding one of those  horses across the fields is the image of freedom . 

Cal Maso is located in a central region of Catalonia, named La Segarra. The wideness and open character of the smooth landscapes make them very similar to the fields were the indian used to live.  Because of that romantic idea, one day we decided to start a small family bussiness based on the breeding of the splendid Appaloosa horse.